How many times have you been in a situation where you need to store your belongings before or after moving? Whether it’s because your new home is not ready yet, the lease on your current place expires, or you’re downsizing and want to rent out an extra space for income – renting a storage unit is often the best solution. There are so many advantages of renting a storage unit!

Self Storage Unit

Readily Available Storage Before and After Relocation

There are many benefits of a self-storage facility. When you rent one before moving, it allows you to store your belongings in a safe, dry environment. This means you don’t have to worry about damage from either rain or snow! You can also use the time before moving for packing and sorting instead of worrying about unpacking when you arrive at your new home.

You can start packing the items you don’t use on a daily basis and store them in the unit. This way, when you need them again later on down the road, they’re right there waiting for you!

After moving into your new place and getting settled in, it’s time to unpack all of those boxes from storage. The big benefit is that by renting a storage unit before and after relocation means you have a place for all of those boxes and furniture pieces that won’t fit in your new home!

Amenities at Free of Cost

The people at the self-storage company are aware that their customers have either a good or bad reason for renting a storage unit. They try to make you feel as welcome as possible by providing amenities and making your experience smooth and safe. For example, some facilities will offer you free moving trucks, so you don’t have to worry about renting or borrowing one.

Another amenity that is offered for free at many facilities are boxes and packing supplies, like tape, bubble wrap and moving blankets. You can fill up your storage unit with these items before you move out of your old place and then use them again when you arrive at your new home.

Another good idea is to check with the company about insurance protection for anything stored in that unit, as well as liability coverage if someone gets injured on their property or trips over something in a hallway. Therefore, when you search for how much is a storage unit, let us reassure you that it is going to be worth it.

Storage units also offer free amenities like outdoor parking, climate controlled storage spaces, 24-hour access as well as indoor loading docks for ease when it comes time to move out. Storage facilities may not provide many things but they make those few perks available at no cost!

These features allow people who rent storage space on a monthly basis to have easy and accessible storage before and after moving trips without having to worry about any additional costs from renting an extra vehicle or truck.

Free amenities are one of the many advantages of renting a storage unit.

Safe and Reliable

When you sign a long-term contract with a storage unit facility you can get a discount on the monthly rate. If you are planning to stay for a year or longer, that is one of the most important benefits because it saves money on your rent and utility bill every month.

Most storage facilities have 24 hour security patrol in order to keep things safer and more reliable for their clients. You can feel better about storing your belongings with them knowing they’ve taken those extra steps for safety purposes. Moreover, they are insured, have their own security systems, so you can feel confident that your items are always going to be in a safe place.

Be sure you check with the facility of your choice before signing up or committing, so you know what their specific security measures are and if they will meet all your needs.


If you’re still not convinced, let us spell it out for you. Storage units are a great way to save money and time during your move. You can rent one with just the click of a button! Plus, they have many more benefits that come along with them like being able to drive by at any time and see what’s inside without having someone else open up their unit or wait until the next business day when you need something from storage. Renting is always better than buying so check out our blog post on all these amazing perks now!